An Occasion of Joy

Early this week now ending there was a special event, a cause for rejoicing. My dear friend, the well known English blogger Sarah Maid of Albion gave birth to a son.  Sarah and her new son are both at home in London now, doing well and getting acquainted. The word I have received is that she was extremely tired out by it all, which is not surprising, but the fortunate part is that there were apparently no complications and both mother and child are in fine shape. This is an answer to prayers!

Thanks be to God for His protection for mothers and infants in the difficult, painful, and even dangerous process of birth! We give Him praise and honour for His goodness to us in this and all things.

About Father D

I am a priest of the Continuing Anglican Church, the continuation of orthodox Anglicanism into the present 21st century. My theology is definitely that of a Reformed Catholic point of view, neither Roman nor Calvinist.
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